Let Me Shop Your Homecoming

No Tears. No Feuds. No Stress.

It’s hard to believe we’re already in our second week of October. The traditional pumpkin carving and spiced lattes are in full swing while we gaze around at the leaves reassuring us that the weather is indeed growing colder.

Another tradition you may find yourself in is searching for the perfect homecoming dress. It may not be for you, or maybe it is. Either way, homecoming is a night for you or your loved one to exude maturity, beauty, and memories to look back on for years to come.

And the rumors are true. Homecoming doesn’t start with a date, it starts with the dress! 

Now it’s easy to see a potentially Cinderella experience end in stressful tears. No one wants to see homecoming night ruined and red-faced. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. It can be simple, special, and convenient with LetMeShopYou.

Take for instance a recent mother/daughter that used my services. The mother works night shifts as a nurse and the daughter goes to school full time and coaches gymnastics after school. They found it impossible to sync schedules to shop and decide on the perfect homecoming dress, let alone accessories and shoes!

That’s where I came in. I gladly brought them the services and selection they needed by doing the leg-work and offering advice and reassurance. It was truly a reward to give these hard-working women an experience that was noteworthy and appreciated. You deserve it too!

LetMeShopYou can help you avoid all the bumps in the road that go into choosing the perfect homecoming dress and accoutrements.

  • No traveling from store to store
  • Bridge the gap between parental/teen expectation
  • An unbiased opinion
  • Shop on a budget successfully
  • Experience a try-on session in your home.
  • Contacts with local tailors

Don’t let the sparkling chariot turn into an immobile pumpkin! Schedule A Consultation with me and we can get started! LetMeShopYou is dedicated to giving you a one-of-a-kind homecoming experience that literally works for you! Take out the stress and take in all glorious moments that await that special night.

                                 -Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

nat-homecomingWhat Classic Dance Movie Moment Are You?

Pretty In Pink

Mean Girls 

Never Been Kissed 

Wish Upon A Star 

Napoleon Dynamite


Let Me Suit You

A short trip through the history of women’s suitings. 


Hard-working, mindful, and intelligent women lend me your ear. Today we are going to be discussing suits. No, do not groan… I know women’s suitings can be viewed as bland just as much as others perceive women in suits to be conforming and conservative. It’s simply the opposite! Through the tale of time women in suits have been the definition of untraditional and unforgettably powerful.

The scandal began when actress Sarah Bernhardt not only starred in male roles during the 1870s but she shocked the European world when Bernhardt decided to wear a custom-made pantsuit by designer Charles Worth. From that moment on suits, women, and women in suits began to undergo further metamorphosis. Initially, suits worn by women accompanied their activities such as archery, riding, and walking. It’s capacity over time expanded and soon worked its way onward into films, politics, and everyday life.

Coco Chanel designed her very first suit with a fur-trimmed jacket and matching ankle-length skirt in 1910. Even later Chanel took the narrow perception of wearing trousers for only doing “men’s work” and re-tailored views into wide adoration from women which ignited trousers as a desirable fashion trend during WWI. Suits worn by women started to form variety and stood for certain occasions or even more certain messages. From the oversized Zoot Suit of the 1940s influence of  rebellious Mexican-Americans to the later years of 1964 when Andre Courreges’ design brought upon a minimalist approach that focused on the female form and the fact that his design could bring the suit from day to night for celebrities and everyday women



1.Diane Keaton  2.Andre Courrege/1965   3.Rihanna  4.Katherine Hepburn  5.Miroslava Duma  6.Sarah Bernhardt  7.Mary Orton  8.Coco Chanel

1.Diane Keaton 2.Andre Courrege/1965
3.Rihanna 4.Katherine Hepburn 5.Miroslava Duma 6.Sarah Bernhardt 7.Mary Orton 8.Coco Chanel

Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, and even young stars like Rihanna are a few starlets that have changed the conversation in their own ways when it comes to suiting themselves. All exuding divine fit, the personality of choice, and an everlasting historic image of power.

In Pittsburgh you’ll see women in varying suits riding the Port Authority into town, working diligently beside men, and even after-hours switching their flats for sneakers as they commute back home. But as we already know, a suit is not necessary to women’s success but sometimes it has to be our uniform to take on our protocols or it’s direct extension of our mindset.

I’m here to help and remind you that we as women have exceeded expectation and that wearing a suit doesn’t have to feel stuffy or boring. That the tacky power-suit of the 1980’s is a relic of the past and the modern power suit simply means getting sh*t done in ways you see fit.

Let Me Suit You. Together we can create the ideal suit pairing that not only make your wardrobe work for you, but empower your stride that refuses to be contained.


Menswear and New Fall Brews

Fall is arriving and whether you feel the difference of your morning commutes or a late evenings, Pittsburgh weather is going through the natural changes that may leave you with the realization…something’s missing?
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook @LetMeShopYou, one would know that in this week’s topics, I’m talking about men and how they can take on the Fall chill. Whether it’s picking a new jacket, adjusting your closet, or where to indulge with locally crafted beers with exclusive Fall flavors.

images from left to right: ZaraMen/Nordstrom/Nike/Supreme

images from left to right: ZaraMen/Nordstrom/Nike/Supreme


The change of weather has been building slowly, comparable to the progress of men’s fashion. In recent years, menswear has been growing due to the evolving expectation of how men choose to take care of their individual up-keep. It  was once called “metro-sexual” but in recent years it’s evolved to the standard of male investment along with technology and physical activity. Male reformed skin care, beard oil, and the fact that men in the U.K out shop women in…shoes!(Businessoffashion.com) These are just small examples on how men are changing the selection and progress of Menswear. 

It’s time to replace the summer go-tos with light jackets that bring versatility from morning to night that keep you swift and warm. You may want something professional yet sleek. Maybe you look for a nice, weather resistant jacket than can withstand the weather during upcoming  Steeler games. LetMeShopYou can help find and adjust your closet from laid-back summer to in-motion fall with just one appointment. Invest in yourself this Fall and what always feels like a new year, a fresh restart.

Want to get organized? Simply schedule a Closet Cleanse and I will adjust and organize your closet for the optimal closet structure that suits your lifestyle. You don’t have to be an organized person to get organized. LetMeShopYou has you covered this Fall (literally).

Light- Jackets are just one of the ways to prelude the up and coming frigid nights. Adjusting our desired tastes are also a part of the fall season, hence the reappearance of the legendary Pumpkin Spice Latte. But morning brews aren’t the only drinks seizing the season, it’s in the beers too.

Pittsburgh locals, don’t pass up the craft beer tastes that are kicking off the Fall festivities. Check out HitchHiker Brewing Company who offer enriched and satisfying  flavors in a micro-brewed fashiohhn. It is a local brewery where tradition meets innovation (and yes we are still talking about beers here), HitchHiker Brewing Company is the ultimate spot for a quaint tasting experience. You can even get a growler to go!

Right now, you can check out ‘Fest Beer’ which has an amber/brown coloring it doesn’t hesitate in offering notes of malt, nutty and toasted bread flavors.
This Tuesday, September 20th, HitchHiker Brewing Company will be premiering its new Fall inspired beer ‘The Hitch‘.

So, whether you decide to visit the brewpub for post-shift enjoyment with the dudes or a casual date night equipped with 2-person games, make sure to snag a taste of ‘The Hitch’! This brew contains a medley of warm tastes like pumpkin spice,nutmeg, and toasted bread just to name a few!

HitchHiker is in the Fall spirit but how about your jacket selection? Need a reformed taste of your own?


In the meantime get in the Fall spirit with local tasty beers
with ‘Fest Beer’ and ‘The Hitch’ at HitchHiker Brewing Company.





Lisa Wang of Businessoffashion.com ‘’No Signs of Slowing in the Global Menswear Market”
Zack Yourd – Brewer At HitchHiker Brewing Company 


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NYFW, Iris Apfel, and You


  • iris-for-inc
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  • katespade

We are in the midst of New York Fashion Week.

It’s all about what is fresh, innovative, beautiful, and even the shocking. Fashion shows have been a tradition tracing all the way back from 1850’s France. This was in a time where fashion Shows were shown in privacy by designers to the utmost societal figures in time.

Lucky for us, Fashion Week has encompassed as time of the year to gather in one of the most historical cities in America. From the models to the people coordinating shows as well as the talented designers, make-up/hair stylists, and even media coverage for allowing New York Fashion week to thrive since 1943. Yes, bringing us trends but always offering a looking glass into the future, nodes to past, and exploring foreign affairs. We thank you artists and personnels.

An amazing New York City native who we still have at age 95, living legend of style amongst us, Iris Apfel. She’s an infamous interior designer who oozes inspiration from her travels as Co-Founder of Old World Weavers to her vibrant life of celebrating color and statement jewelry. She is a textile artist who just celebrated her birthday on August 29th. Born in 1921, she’s lived through the decades of fashion and rich american culture. Today, she has shared her life through museum exhibits, seminars, documentaries, enriching scholars, and now giving her touch on something attainable to the every-day woman.


Iris told Town & Country magazine:irisaquote


So it’s easy to say that she has a piece for anyone’s wardrobe within her 40-piece collection line with Macy’s brand, INC. From slacks to bold 1960’s prints she has a variety of Iris Apfel inspired pieces for women to explore and even accessorize with. The best part? The whole line is under $200.


Don’t have time to take a look or try-on?

Leave the hustle to me, LetMeShopYou. I bring the best items that fit your personality and lifestyle directly to your home. We can figure out together what works with your existing closet and budget to find the most value!

I’m on the side of Iris, of course. It is not always about following the trends or dressing to a distinct standard. Even the misconception of achieving style through having an extremely expensive item. It takes insight, and yes it does take time and a little personal time. With LetMeShopYou I can help start the discussion and help bring happiness and individuality in every piece of your wardrobe. It may be tackling a new job or possibly a new lifestyle. I am a professional stylist that values people and their point of view.


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Happiness. Individuality. Confidence. Repeat!

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Love Yourself And Your Budget

heartheart         heart       heart

When it comes to women and shopping almost one thing has remained consistent. We can be way to critical about our physical appearance and the aspect of our body in clothes. I love to show my clients that their shape and size should refuse the disguise to layer in efforts to shield your beautiful self. Yes, you are beautiful.

In the beginning of my styling career I had three jobs, two of them being in retail. During this time I worked alongside a woman working full-time and had small children. For a woman constantly working to support her family, I found it strange that she always layered herself up.  No matter the weather outside she would always wear these long drab sweaters. One day she exclaimed,

I wear these long sweaters because I HATE my body.

She seemed so unhappy and miserable with a wardrobe to match. I had never looked at her and categorized her as having a “bad body” even underneath all that fabric. I couldn’t look at her the same knowing that she genuinely thought this about herself. She misunderstood  her beauty and was binding herself to these negative thoughts and misconceptions. After all her hard-work and dedication as a woman, a mother, a human…she didn’t deserve this type of self-esteem.

Luckily for my long-sweatered friend was about to become vulnerable enough to finally see satisfaction and happiness as an option. She came into work one morning in search for a new outfit before a family baptism. She asked me to tag along on her shopping trip and I was able to put her in some new clothing pieces that weren’t long sweaters. Ones that complimented her shape and what we both knew about her style.

To this day I continue to see beautiful woman of all shapes, sizes, and styles that won’t treat themselves to the simple act of supporting their own shape. Even women in the process of training and sculpting their body! I support health and fitness, but you shouldn’t hold your whole appearance to body goals. You can look good every single day even with a TJMaxx budget. It just takes a consultation, and we build together from there. LetMeShopYou is here to show you don’t need to stretch your budget or lifestyle to walk out of the door in pure confidence.

Wise Words By Women

Iskra Lawrence (Model/Body Ambassador)

iskra lawrence aerie


“Your Body is your home, your vessel in life. It needs to be respected and loved.”

Viola Davis (Actress)


“Do not live someone else’s life and someone else’s idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you. Womanhood is everything that’s inside of you.”

Marilyn Monroe (Actress, Model, Singer)


“We are all stars and we deserve to twinkle.”

Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy wire image


“I just think we tear down women in this country for all these superficial reasons, and women are so great and strong.”

In today’s time we are so fortunate to continuously have happy women in beauty/fashion of various body types who exude pride and happiness. Check out these wonderful women and their words of self-love.


Let’s Meet! Sign-Up For A Consultation With Me!
-xoxo LetMeShopYou


Men’s Essentials

Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.

Charles Hix (writer)

Those who say fashion and style have no boundaries and no rules are absolutely correct. But everyone may not understand their own style, measurements or how to get the most out of their hard-earned money for their ideal style.

Fashion and looking good for men are no different. Men’s apparel have trends, classics, and innovation just as much as women do.

 This week I wanted to dedicate this post to men’s fashion and hit classic points of an androgynous ‘must haves’ that every guy should consider having in their closet. Within the list you’ll find some history facts, legendary designs, and even men’s New York street style.

xoxo Natalie

Let Me Shop You

#1 Horsebit Loafers


by Gucci

Loafers come in many different styles but Horsbit is the original loafer classic created by Gucci. It’s a staple shoe for men. Horsbit loafers can be worn with jeans for a dapper yet relaxed get-up and also looking polished with a tapered trouser. Horsbit loafers can be found in suede, genuine leather, and even crocodile for the daring.

#2 Versatile Jacket


photo by Tommy Ton

Even if you’re single, guys need jackets that will be with them no matter the weather, no matter the occasion. With my professional help in personalizing your wardrobe, I can serve you the ideal jacket for your schedule and your budget. Check out some of this New York inspiration.

#3 Go-To Denim


AEO Denim

Men in California during the Gold Rush wore denim to serve as a sturdy armor during excavations. In current days men need to have at least 1 pair of quality denim that fits the body correctly and can serve as an easy base for shirts whether your favorite woven button-up and favorite sports jersey.

#4 Tailored Suit


photo by Phil Oh

From 20th centuries pocket watch to  2016 smart watches that are still evolving, watches not only tell time but the hone in on style. The variety is massive and there is no excuse for not having your own durable, good-looking time-piece.

The Polo


left: Ralph Lauren middle:Adidas Golf right: Lacoste

Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Puma, even Nike all have their protocols when creating polos. One design may be preppy the other sporty, sometimes even a hybrid of cutting design and fabric technology fit for activity. Don’t let the name confuse the freedom to wear these shirts whenever you see fit. From left to right Ralph Lauren. Adidas. And Lacoste’s “wave” print.

Power Couple Styling For Your Next Event

This week I took a look at 4 current power couples from all strains of culture. These individuals stand alone with emphasis but together, these couples give the stylish insight on dynamic duos. Here’s a break down on suits, suggestions, and iconic women.

George Clooney (Actor) & Amal Alamuddin (Human Rights Lawyer)


George Clooney has always been known for his leading roles and good looks but when it comes to his style he usually lets his leading lady steal the stage. Amal Alamuddin, who has established her career in The International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Still, even in the Clooney’s world of Hollywood, Amal Alamuddin steals the show with her
sleek glamour and playful details.

HIS: It’s easy to describe George Clooney’s style as All-American Movie Star. He remains consistently dominates the Hollywood classic tuxedo on the red carpet. But a noticeable favorite of his is an all black look; black jacket, black dress shirt, and a black tie. Clooney typically likes a straight cut suit with moderate tailoring to the waist so he can appear at an event buttoned or unbuttoned while still looking well put together and compliments his leading lady to perfection.

HERS: Amal Alamuddin uses her small frame and long legs to create glamorously sleek get-ups seen in silky blacks and creamy whites. But Amal knows a thing or two about drawing playful and sexy attention a part from her Hollywood Veteran husband while wearing fun colors such as pinks, crimson reds, sky blues, and even kelly greens. These colors compliment beautifully with her olive skin tone, luscious hair, and well picked dangle earrings. She continues to provoke just the right enough attention and chic fits to last a night out in the spotlight.

Michelle (1st Lady, Philanthropist)  & Barack Obama ( 44th United States President)

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.15.19 PM

The Obama’s presidency may be coming to an end but they have made their mark on American history in various manners. Although presidency and the 1st lady are held to high standards when it comes to dressing appropriately, the Obama’s never lacked style and impeccable fittings throughout. They truly complete their stature whether hand in hand at a press conference or separately traveling cross-country.

HIS: Our current President of the United States, Barack Obama not only knows how to deliver a speech but he also knows how to wear suit. He appears to have his suits tailored to his slim figure and furnishings remain patriotic with red, white, and blue shirt and tie combinations. We see him almost always wearing a two-button classic lapel jacket but some of his best moments are in navy suits. Three of his accessories that always remain the same with Barack are his American Flag pin and black dress shoes.

HERS: Michelle Obama has been known for her style since the Obama campaign in 2009. Since then, she has put American designer Jason Wu on the global map by wearing his dress designs at both inaugural balls in 2009 and 2013. Michelle Obama has been an active philanthropists and education initiator in style. This being said, Michelle Obama is not afraid of a challenge let alone color, nor prints while still appearing elegant. Michelle stays modest and compliments her body with many sheath dresses and high waisted silhouettes. She draws in her waist to emphasize her strong and curvy figure that is always flattered and accentuated. Oh and don’t forget her classic kitten heel.



…but don’t worry, there’s more↓

Barry Diller (Media Executive) & Diane von Furstenberg (Fashion Designer)


While this couple has a joint network of over 4 billion dollars. The individuals have become the heads of style and entertainment. While Barry Diller came from an L.A college dropout to  serving entertainment history working with ABC, FOX, and Paramount Entertainment. He oversaw shows like “Cheers” and “The Simpsons” along with a handful of online companies. His wife Diane Von Furstenberg has been noted by NewsWeek to being “The Most Remarkable Woman Since Coco Chanel”. With her consistent grasp on femininity, culture, charity, and self love it’s hard to disagree. Read below on how this power couple work the New York streets.

HIS: Barry Diller has an old fashioned spin to his suitings. I have repeatedly seen him standing in dominate pin-stripes and wondrous neutral combinations. But, this man does not fade behind his wife extravagance. He always seems to effortlessly coordinate with whether his wife. He may keep his suit casual and mellow while his wife looks vacationed or they together ooze fabulous one of a kind looks and artistic flares in New York City. You can’t put an age on style whether you’re a man on woman. This couple is living proof of staying lively and fashionable.
HERS: Since 1974 DVF has put the wrap dress on the milestone map of women’s fashion. This silhouette flattering all shapes and sizes. She’s always been a city girl from her life spent in Italy, France, and currently New York her eye for textiles and atmosphere translate her vibrant ensembles and sophisticated prints. Diane Von Furstenberg has always believed in celebrating femininity and that remains relative to her on and off red carpet wardrobe. She is never a detail out of place from her jewelry to her clutch.

Beyonce (R&B/Pop Artist) & JayZ (Hip Hop/Rap Artist/Producer)


Just like the couples above, both woman and man stand powerfully together and a part. Which is what makes them a power couple in the first place, right? Beyonce & JayZ have been together supposedly since 2006. Albums, fashion lines, epic music videos, and a child later this couple remains a completely on top of their careers with creative concepts and personal style.

HIS: JayZ has always remained loyal to his hip hop and street style way of dressing. Some of his remarked looks are designer denim, simple culture bearing tees, trendy jacket, flat bill hat, and sneakers. We may see him on the red carpet looking dapper wearing a peaked lapel suit jacket, sometimes stunning in all white. But, Mr. Jay-Z stays true to his fashion roots and occasionally accompanies his suit with all black luxury sneakers.

HERS: Beyonce continues to be an ever-changing medley of styles. She knows how to dominate a couture piece one evening and the next day seen strutting in destroyed denim and jersey while wearing 6 inch heels. She has recently drawn inspiration from historical African American trends such as military berets and all leather varieties as an ode to the 1960’s . We even see her throwing back her early R&B times with Destiny’s Child wearing feather jackets, long cornrows and gobs of bling to match. Her style always aligns with her message and her positive boss attitude.


It’s Time To Cleanse

The Closet Cleanse that will leave you feeling refreshed, chic, and possibly Italian.


In the past, clothing was not always readily available for people across all social classes and all varieties of income. Today, our world is not only privileged, but bombarded with choices regardless of one’s budget. It is become a part of our nature to want more and more, even if we don’t necessarily need more or have room.

A couple of years ago, I took my first trip to Italy, where I experienced a true culture shock. Not only was it uncommon to have a walk-in closet, but Italian women carried themselves in a simplistic, fast-forward manner unlike the excessive shoppers we see here in the United States. They were refreshingly elegant in their daily lives and the quasi-minimalism with which they carried themselves brought me to an epiphany.

A part of the Italian lifestyle is quality over quantity. Now this can translate into the way they approach food, wine, and especially their presentation of style. However, we have good reason to believe this is far from true! When it comes to shopping for value and quality it may cost more than $20, but chances are you’ll be able to wear that item longer than others.

Example: If you purchase something for $20 that is of low quality it’s most likely to fall apart or become a crinkled mess before the third wear. You just paid $10 per wear before moving this item into the back of your closet, virtually useless and clogging your space.

Italian women think smart about what they decide to add to their wardrobe, not impulsive in search for more. However, not everyone has the time or resources to figure out the best way to achieve this sort of approach. That’s where I find my passion and skill to be useful for others. The smart, chic women of Italy inspired me and I brought that inspiration home to expose and help others achieve style, simplicity, and confidence.


-Leonardo Da Vinci 

Think about it. You wake up every morning with…

What will I wear today?

This leads a potentially painful, tedious, and stressful raid of drawers filled to the brim. You may begin ripping through hangers to subject clothes falling to the ground creating a pile of fabric carnage. Scouring through piles, ripping through hangers and creating a mess on the bedroom floor typically leads to finally finding the most desired piece that is most frequently worn anyway. Why is this the case? Because there is value in the piece. Whatever factors determine its value (color, fabric, function) the fact remains that value isn’t always connected to how expensive the piece was.

The majority of your closet should feel this way, not disappointing. We find ourselves facing this critical mess because we have too much and not enough time in the day or night to sort, organize, and maintain it all. This is how we find ourselves staring at our closets seeing more “no’s” than satisfying “yes’s”

If you find yourself in this situation it is time to cleanse.


Now this doesn’t mean you have to take your wardrobe to the demolition state unless you feel like due for a complete refresh.


We all have nostalgic pieces and clothes. Clothing is a tangible item that is an extension of ourselves, memories, and chosen investments. You don’t have to part with all items that have no potential in being worn anytime soon. This is where I help you figure out the pieces in your wardrobe that have value for whatever reason and what pieces are taking up space.
When having a Closet Cleanse with Let Me Shop You I will help you from start to finish. Yes, that also means trying to sell items for you or taking items for donation (you can receive a tax write-off).

But most of all, I will help cleanse your closet so you can wake up and dress with confidence from a wardrobe that exudes quality and elegance.

You don’t have to live in Italy to have a chic wardrobe everyday. You just Let Me Shop You!

Natalie Murphy


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & You

It’s that time of year again. Yes, back to school but what I’m really talking about is the highly anticipated Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that begins TODAY, July 22nd!

You May Catch Yourself Doing This

This sale runs until August 8th but this shopping experience is ‘first come first serve’.

Please remember you don’t need to strain yourself to achieve all the new closet additions you work so hard for. With Let Me Shop You, you have the potential to achieve those pieces you dream about at your desk and even choices that you would normally overlook.

Use my helpful services and professional eye to get your wardrobe fall ready while basking in all the clearance sticker prices. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale covers the full spectrum; accessories, shoes, beauty, kids, and men. You don’t have to feel the dissatisfaction of pushing through the crowds on your only day off or attempting to shop during your lunch break. Allow me to personal shop for you. I can also shop for your family while you take the reigns on your personal wishlist.  

You can even book a Closet Cleanse to serve you with a clear and concise vision of what you need to optimize your wardrobe while getting organized. Tis the season! Don’t let your schedule hold you back. Take your best foot forward this season with Let Me Shop You!

Nordstrom Sale Suggestions

Reach For Color

Have fun with the hot hot hot color red this season. Use the whole color spectrum of opportunity. Maybe you’re a fire-engine. Maybe you’re an aubergine. Maybe you would prefer a fresh cranberry color. A great plus when wearing this color are that reds not only serve as a statement but a complimentary color amongst neutrals. Some may be daring and use these different shades of red to color block.

Find Your Best Block Bootie


One thing that I love in a shoe trend is when they offer the aspect of comfort. A blocked heel serves support of a wedge while having the classy appearance of a stiletto and full coverage of a bootie. But don’t shy away from the open toe options you can find at this sale as well!

A New Go-To Jacket/Sweater

The weather has proven it’s not cooling down just yet, but that doesn’t mean the A/C in some places isn’t on high. Grab a piece that you believe can complement your daily style and has an effortless on and off functionality. Some of my favorites are lightweight open knit cardigans or a duster that drape down to the back of your knee. This adds an easy and breezy silhouette with the perfect coverage to wear all day.

In an opposite direction, a bomber jacket can add edge or an athleisure vibe according to whatever shoe you choose to stand on that day. One of the best attributes of a bomber jacket is whatever the time of day, this a great step to incorporating light jackets back onto your shoulders. A bomber jacket also adds a dash of street style to your daily look whether you’re clocked in or clocked out.

Denim, Denim, Denim

This Pre-Fall season we’ve seen a huge emphasis on denim styles. That includes chambray shirts, overalls, and even dresses. But one thing that Nordstrom can deliver is quality denim brands that serve fit, style, and value. One brand that is amongst favorable in all these categories is AG denim.

Not only are these jeans made in the U.S.A, a shopper can discover many cuts such as crop, skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, and even ex-boyfriend. They also have an array or washes adorned with trendy distressing like raw hems and knee slits. But sometimes you don’t always have to reach for the newest distress style. A classic denim is just as desirable and flattering. I can’t deny a true denim wash or pass up an imperative pair of black denim in the AG selection. Check these out amongst other great denim brands Nordstrom has to offer this Anniversary Sale.  

Love these suggestions but don’t know how to incorporate them  into your wardrobe while fighting through the hustle and bustle?


You have until August 7th to book an appointment for a
Closet Cleanse or Personal Shopping services pertaining to
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

xoxo Happy Shopping 

all product images are from nordstrom.com

A Tip To The Best Gift

ALERT: Engagement Happy Hour TOMORROW!

…oh crap.”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all forgotten about the work event, that person’s birthday, and that anniversary. But you don’t have to stress about bringing a thoughtful present or running to the grocery store to pay for an uninspired gift card. Giving a gift  shouldn’t be intimidating or stressful but it certainly can be!

I’m here this week with a secret to giving a gift with RESULTS like…  



maybe even this. ←

Mhm, all this while also keeping your wallet in check.

The secret is LetMeShopYou.

Don’t compromise your schedule or unnecessary cash for something you’ll give with a gift receipt or an excuse for how busy you were last week. Just shoot me an email containing a bio of the person, purpose for the gift along with your budget and simply a $20 retainer. That’s it! Instantly we’re in business. Whether you plan on giving a single meaningful gift for that birthday or would like a basket of celebratory goodies, I can deliver. Literally!

Not only am I thoughtful and efficient, I know many small businesses in the Pittsburgh area that take typical gifts and make them one of a kind. Example?  You can provide the information to create personalized glasswares from VinoGlam. A close friend of mine is a local Pittsburgh entrepreneur like myself. I can access greek letter adorned champagne flutes for that Sorority/Fraternity reunion or even a memorable wine glass for your dog-loving mother- in-law.

I have an eye for cost efficient detail to gift your freshly engaged best friend flying in last minute or a co-worker’s baby shower. I’m ready to find you the perfect gift.

Yes! I will even shop for our loved one’s birthday that totally slipped your mind. NO- JUDGE ZONE!

You can save your day and wallet from stretching itself  to the very ends, only to question your choice. I guarantee with Let Me Shop You, you’ll make it on time with a special gift in hand.

If schedules permit I can even shop your look for the upcoming celebration with my
Event Styling Service!


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